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Book of the Month: The Comfort Crisis

Sep 20, 2022

Mr Leopold's Opus | Part 2

Apr 21, 2022

Mr. Leopold's Opus | Part 1

Apr 13, 2022


The memories I made with my parents when they took me fishing changed the course of my life. It inspired me to pursue a degree in Wildlife Management, become a Wildlife Officer for a time, and most importantly, taught me how to create memories with my own family. During my 40 years of fishing, I've learned exactly how to teach other parents to make those memories too, and I've broken it down into a FREE step-by-step guide for you.
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Everything you need to build great memories with your child!

This complete video course will give you the confidence to take your child fishing. You will learn: What You Need, How to Use It, When and Where to Go, How to Catch, Handle, and Release your Fish, and so much more!
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